Canada's immigration requirements and their relationship to English and French language learning

By |2023-03-23T01:50:16+00:00March22nd, 2023|GENERALCULTURE|

If you are interested in immigrating to Canada and need to improve your English or French, Onparle offers online courses that can help you achieve your goals. We offer English and French courses (New) for all levels, from beginners to advanced in different modalities (private courses, partner courses, small group courses of 4 people, and our team of trained professionals is ready to help you reach your immigration goals.


By |2023-03-22T20:00:41+00:00January24th, 2022|EVENTS| is an unprecedented concept designed to give visibility to the young generation of French filmmakers and the possibility for Internet users around the world to share their love for French cinema. For this eighth edition, the festival is back with new films, new partner platforms and theatrical releases in several territories.

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